Horse People’s Alliance of Ontario

By checking this box, I agree to the terms and conditions set out in the Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario Membership Application.

Horse People’s Alliance Of Ontario Membership Application

The undersigned, after having reviewed and carefully considered the principles, objects and purposes of the Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario (the HPAO) applies herein for membership in the Alliance.

The undersigned fully supports, and is in favour of the interests and concerns of horse people being treated on an equal basis by all racing industry participants, together with the fair and even handed sharing of all the available revenues that are received or generated by the racing industry.

The undersigned is as well in favour of the improvement and enhancement for breeding opportunities of all breeds to result in a significant increase in the horse population of Ontario leading to a better and enlarged racing program with fair competition and improved purse amounts.

The undersigned is further in favour of complete disclosure of all contractual arrangements between race tracks, racehorse participants’ associations, all levels of government in Canada and Crown Agencies, and transparency, accountability and audit opportunity respecting all financial arrangements between said parties.